Situation update – October 2020

We’re pleased to say that we are now running again on organised training evenings. As per current guidance issued by the government, we are allowed to run in organised groups of more than 6 on training evenings. Our training is sent via email to members as the earlier guidance limited us to groups of no more than 6, and as guidance is changing fast we are limiting training to members or prospective members.

Adherence to our Covid 19 guidance is essential – DO NOT run if you are presenting any symptoms, have had any positive tests or are living with anyone testing positively OR have not yet had results of tests.

DO NOT run if you are feeling at all unwell – this is just common sense, but worth reminding. At the moment it’s not ‘one of those things you’ll run off’.

We are maintaining distance at training, and as normal we are training outside where there is less risk.

If you would like to join us, please get in touch via our contact form.