Allithwaite-8 (2018)

A massive thank you to all the people who came to run in this year’s Allithwaite-8.  To all the 102 starters and 103 ‘finishers’ … well done!!!  We expect you’re wondering, “What on earth is …?”  Well, there was a chap who’d arrived late and joined the tail of the race some minutes after the start :-).  The results for the 102 are now available by clicking here.

Anyway, it has been really nice to read the comments which have been added to the club’s facebook site.  If you’d like to suggest something for the race in 2019, please let us know (we’re aware that people would appreciate a few arrows on the last hill down to the post office and the finish).

We hope you can find yourself in the photos on the facebook site too.  Sorry we couldn’t book last year’s sunshine, but hey … it wasn’t as bad as for ‘A day in a lake’ 3 weeks ago!