Our Races

The Sands Chase challenge 2019 – on the 13th of Jan.

The next Sands Chase will be on Sunday, the 13th of January 2019.  Please read on for info. about start times.  The entry fee is £2 on the day and it’s a sweepstake-style race.

Now … anyone can win the prize.  How so, you ask?  Well the winner is the person who finishes closest to 12:00 noon (G.m.t.).  A finish time after 12 noon is as valid as before noon.  That means that a person crossing the finish line at 12:00:01 will beat a time of 11:59:58.  No watches/timing are allowed though, apart from …
(a) the race controller/director telling you when your desired start time is coming up &
(b) the route goes past Grange clock tower (assuming of course that it’s correct).

Each runner will need to know the course (see below for a route map), then estimate how many minutes & seconds it will take them to get around the course individually.  That gives each person their own start time.  Runners need to judge their pace to get around the course with the aim of arriving back at midday.

So, turn up a short time before you want to start.  Leave your wristwatch/phone in your car or hand it over for safe keeping.  Cough up the £2 entry fee, let the race controller know what time you want to start … and good luck!  Half of the entry money gets donated to charity, the winner (home at the time closest to midday) gets the other half.

The start/finish is the stone archway over Fernhill Road, by Graythwaite Court, in Grange-over-Sands (LA11 7BN).   The route is about 6 miles (10 km): a circuit run in an anti-clockwise sense.  For a map of it … follow this link to the Sands Chase route.  It’s on tarmac, except for about 1 mile of land rover track.  It has 3 decent climbs/descents, but with a flat middle section along the sea front.  If you want a recce. run, please ask within the club (e-mail list / training nights), or use the contact us part of the website.

In comparison with the Allithwaite-8 (and the charity half-marathon for St. Mary’s Hospice in 2017), it’s very low-key.  There are no marshals and it’s necessary to have the route in one’s head.  However, if you’d done either the Allithwaite-8, or the half-marathon and would like to learn/practice the route and join in, please get in touch.


The Allithwaite-8  2019

This is planned for Sat. the 2nd of November, to be held under A.R.C. rules.

It’ll be 8 miles in length, with marshals, signs and distance markers.  The route is about 2/3 off-road, with the rest being comprised of short sections of road linking the off-road bits. The first half is a trail/x-country race, then the 2nd half becomes more like a fell race as it ascends the steep, West flank of Hampsfell, before turning South past the tower (known as the hospice) at the summit and along the undulating top back to Allithwaite.

Please see further down the page for results from the first 3 occasions on which we held the race.  There are various photographs on the club’s facebook site too, so we hope you enjoy looking at them.

By the way, in the lead up to the race in 2019, we’re planning on creating a slide show to depict various parts of the route.  That’s for those who haven’t run it yet but are wondering about doing so.


Past Races


The Allithwaite-8  (3rd edition) 2018

This took place on Sat. the 3rd of November, held under A.R.C. permit 18/398.  It was fantastic to see 102 runners on the start line, in only the 3rd year we’ve held the race.  Sincere thanks to all of you for coming.

We did find a couple of items in the race h.q. hall as we cleared up.  If you’ve lost something please get in touch.

The results are published on the results page of the website.  There are various photographs on the club’s facebook site too, so we hope you enjoy looking at them.


The Sands Chase challenge 2018

Sands Chase in 2018 took place on Sunday the 7th of January 2018.  The winner was John Douglas who came back to the start just before midday.


The Allithwaite-8 (mkII) 2017

It was held on Saturday 4th November 2017.  The start time was 11 a.m.  This was the 2nd running of the race, over a modified from the first one in 2016.  The distance was just over 8 miles, 63% of it being off-road, the other 37% was on short stretches of road.  A map of it is here (2017 route).  Race results are available from the results section.


The Allithwaite charity half-marathon

This took place on the 9th of September 2017, to raise funds for St. Mary’s Hospice, Ulverston. It was a hilly half-marathon on road, based on the former South Lakes Half-marathon (last run in 2012).

The start was at Cartmel Priory School. The course headed along the Cartmel valley, climbed up to Allithwaite and contoured along a flank of Hampsfell, before dropping down to Grange. From there, another climb took runners up to Lindale, followed by a descent to Field Broughton and back to finish at Cartmel school.  Photos and results are on our Facebook site.  In total, the race raised £369.60 for St. Mary’s!